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Autechre’s Quaristice is decidedly not dance music, even though many of its songs are based around some sort of rhythmic construct. It’s also not blissed-out drone music of an ambient nature. The sounds are at times friendly, at others ominous and threatening, but always artificial. Autechre makes no attempt to mimic natural instruments, and in fact there’s a seemingly intentional avoidance of identifiable sources beyond the basic percussion.

Dusted Reviews: Autechre – Quaristice (via Autechre – Quaristice – Artists mentioned in the WIRE magazine)

Das Zitat beschreibt sehr gut die Musik von Autechre im Allgemeinen und nicht nur das Album “Quaristice” und drückt den Reiz aus, warum man sich Autechre überhaupt antut.

Markus Kniebes