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Twenty years ago this week, DJ Shadow set a Guinness World Record for creating an album made up entirely of samples, many of them from LPs he rescued from the 50-cent bin. But “Endtroducing” is also musically and compositionally inventive, and it caught the attention of the hip-hop world. DJ Shadow has moved on, but some of his fans (including Derek John) still haven’t gotten over it.

DJ Shadow’s Record-Breaking Album – Studio 360 – WNYC

Endtroducing ist schon unglaubliche 20 Jahre alt. Alben wie Endtroducing oder Cure for Pain oder Good von Morphine waren massgeblich verantwortlich mich vom Industrial Zug zu holen und meinen musikalischen Horizont zu erweitern.

Dank an Swen

Markus Kniebes