Markus Kniebes Journal urn:uuid:386f520a0a748766f4e5e386ad0c918c 2021-21-09T21:22:09 <![CDATA[DVB-T is gone]]> urn:uuid:34152 2017-03-29T20:37:56 It was announced DVB-T will be shut down on the 29th of March. Whoops! They did not lie. I just switched on the TV and it is all black.

In Germany you can receive TV programs either by satellite, cable, IPTV and DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcasting – Terrestrial) which was the only free option. It was skipped in favor of DVB-T2 (a newer standard which is capable of HD broadcasting). But it is not that free anymore. You will need to pay in order to receive a larger choice of programs or programs in HD or whatever. I did not really read into all the detail about the changes.
But I will surely need one of those inexpensive receivers, since my TV is much too old to be able to handle DVB-T2.

Well, I guess, I will enjoy a few days without television.

Update: I was wondering if there might be any signal on the connector on the wall. Usually for TV and radio. And yes, there is still analog cable available. But the sound and picture quality is so incredible awful, so it is not an alternative to a new DVB-T2 receiver.

Markus Kniebes