Markus Kniebes Journal urn:uuid:07f5ea497d8f555f9ca96f35e30e1e65 2021-26-09T19:17:50 <![CDATA[A man needs a knife]]> urn:uuid:33578 2017-02-03T09:18:58 All in all I have two bags I frequently use. A backpack if there are some more items to carry and a shoulder bag which I only use short walks and if I do not ant to carry a backpack with me for any reason. But that actually means I need to pack various items I tend to have always with me from one bag to the other, which includes a pen, notebook and calendar, some painkiller and a small switchblade which comes in handy as an all-purpose tool quite frequently.

So I bought a new knife to have one in every bag. I decided for an arty looking one which could not really mistaken as a weapon.

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