Markus Kniebes Journal urn:uuid:2e65f2715e579bcfdda4a8173eaa32de 2021-22-10T13:40:00 <![CDATA[The Hateful 8]]> urn:uuid:33036 2017-01-01T15:56:32 With The Hateful 8 Quentin Tarantino wanted to create a real Roadshow experience for this movie and hence he used the 70mm Panavision Ultra as the format to go with.
On the Screen Panavision Ultra as a ratio of 2,76:1 – digital movies are usually displayed in 2,35:1 which is quite wide. But Panavision Ultra is even more extreme. But on a small 37 inch TV with 16:9 (~1,78) aspect ration there is only a small stripe in the middle of the screen left.

This actually sounds more negative than intended, since I really appreciate these wide formats, which is one of the last remaining reasons to visit a cinema at all.

However these are just the technical aspects which at least enhance the experience of the movie. But without an interesting story this would mean nothing. And well, the story was quite alright. Put eight untrustworthy persons into one set, endow them with more or less contradicting interests and see what happens. And there happens quite a lot, blood runs and is spilled, bullets fly and strong words are exchanged. All very entertaining a visually appealing. The story is actually quite simple and told from two different perspectives and catches up in the last chapter which is kind of a show down.

I do not know why it took so long for me to watch this movie…

Markus Kniebes