Markus Kniebes Journal urn:uuid:fa9faaec8c231a550da79fd128d2fd1f 2021-26-09T17:58:38 <![CDATA[New Year’s resolutions]]> urn:uuid:33023 2017-01-01T13:24:12 Instead of repeating all the things which happend last year, I prefer to think of changes which might be important for me in the upcoming year. The New Year’s resolutions, a few self self-imposed intentions waiting to be broken.

1. The first one is quite obvious: Watching the traffic of my old Journal it suggests to start blogging in english.
It is not my first attempt to write in english. I tried it in the past for two times, I think. But all the time it started getting too stressful and I switched back to my native tongue.

2. Closely related to point 1. is the removal of any traffic measurement or analysis tool. Just blogging, free of any distraction. Just like the early years when I was not really interested in target groups and shit.

3. Although I only worked for three days a week in the last year, I did not travel quite a lot, various weekend trips to Fribourg, Amsterdam and Bruges but only one longer trip to Venice during Easter in spring 2016.

In 2017 I will have a five-day-week again. This will be quite a hard change for me. I guess, it will take me about twelve months to get used to. But this as well relates to my free time and I try to get days off only for traveling instead of doing unpleasant stuff or just nothing. 2017 looks like a fine year for applying various bridging days.

4. Last year I did not buy any photographic gear. And I really felt great about it. I could totally concentrate on the gear I have and learn how to make benefit of it’s advantages and find workaround for it’s shortcomings. Not having an ultra wide angel lens will teach how to deal with wide interior space for example.

I am still not sure about the Fuji X-T2. While it is still a temping camera with dual card slots – the greatest advantage over the X-T1. I bought the X-T1 for having a smaller and lighter camera for „every day“-use and it works quite well. The X-T2 would not change too much. The only interesting camera I can thanks of might be a successor of the Nikon D810. But only if it comes with some seriously appealing features, which make me say „Wow!“. And I surely need an UWA lens, but I am not sure which one or even if I would prefer a big full frame lens for the Nikon system or a smaller for the Fuji X System.

5. Drive a car. I did not drive a car for nearly 20 years. I am not too sure about the year I drove a longer distance for the last time. And I am about to change this in 2017. Take some driving lessons to get used to road traffic again and even probably buy some cheap car or a fine electric one. I will see how much money I am willing to spend on that. When I watch the traffic on roads I am pretty sure it changed over the last 20 years. There are much more cars and the peoples driving habits are more aggressive than in the past. I am not sure if I am going to like this.

Well, five topics with different importance. Not too difficult to follow.

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