Markus Kniebes Journal urn:uuid:f1b890b82ec8b93007ebf4d590e4df3e 2023-01-06T23:21:04 <![CDATA[Fluxbox' Zukunft]]> urn:uuid:1481 2002-12-20T22:22:00 Henrik Kinnunen hat Heute eine EMail rumgeschickt mit den zukünftigen Implementierungen für Fluxbox. And this is how it goes…

  • Layer support („always on top“) [high priority]
  • Action system [high priority]
    You will be able to specify actions for things like button click (thus overriding default actions)
  • Transparent windows [low priority]
    Configurable both compile time and runtime.
  • RANDR support [low priority]
    The X Resize and Rotate Extension ( )
  • Tabs embedded in title bar. [high priority]
    Instead of having them outside the window they will be inside the title bar, thus giving you even more desktop space.

Und noch eingies mehr… 😉

Markus Kniebes